Machiavelli was first a German game. The young Dutch publisher 999 Games managed to acquire the rights to this interesting, exciting board game. It is about characters, there are different characters in the game from assassins to thieves and from traders to sorcerers. It’s all there. On this page we will tell you more about this exciting board game and about the characters and the origin of this game.

Title: Machiavelli
Publisher: 999 Games
Type of game: Board game
Number of players: Two to seven players
Running time: About sixty minutes
Difficulty: Moderately difficult
Year of release: 2000
Availability: For sale everywhere

Object of the game
The aim in the game is to build buildings and you can build this by earning victory points. These buildings are available in-game in all shapes and sizes. It seems simple, but it’s a very mean game. And at first glance, it doesn’t seem so mean at all. So you have to provide building cards so that you can make the buildings.

Because of the game and the fact that it is mean, you usually have too few building cards because, for example, another player gets in your way. This can very well occur and is of course extremely annoying. The money used to play in this game is called ducats. You can earn ducats with the building cards and exchange them for buildings, but your ducats and building cards can also be taken by another, smart opponent.

So you can choose when it is your turn whether you choose extra ducats or extra building cards. This is the beginning, then you can choose and then you look further what steps you take to build the buildings with the ducats and thus of course win. Even if you have all the money in the game, all the ducats, you cannot build yet. The building cards are therefore extremely important to have them all in your possession and that is of course quite difficult, so that that touch also makes the game more fun. On the hunt for the building cards and the goal to keep all the collected ducats in your possession of course.

The reverse is of course also possible. You are bursting with building tiles, but you don’t have any ducats. Some buildings are very expensive and you have to give up all your ducats for that, but with one expensive building that is yours you can of course earn a lot and still win the game. Owning the most expensive building or ten inexpensive buildings, then you better go for the first option and the higher your chances of winning.

Then about the characters, it is a characterful game and it is bursting with characters that you can also switch in the game. And that is precisely why the game is so much fun: the characters. The characters are called in a fixed order every round. The player may take his turn when it is the character’s turn and then has several options to perform at that time. The character that the player is has different properties and each player may use these properties of that character. That goes without saying. So it is also a matter of choosing and taking the right character. Of course, every character has good qualities that can come in handy, but which character has the best, tactical skills to win the game? Of course you will not find out just like that and of course you must have played the game regularly.

The characters you can choose from in the game are: murderer, thief, wizard, king, preacher, merchant, master builder and mercenary. Which character will you win the battle with?

Have fun playing the Machiavelli board game.