The title reveals it all, a strategy game. You can achieve different ranks in the fairly new game, from bombs to flags. Stratego can also be played on the computer and another variant is Living Stratego. Strategic and good avoidance, that’s what it comes down to. Of course more about this on this page.

Title : Stratego
Publisher : Jumbo
Type of game : Strategic game
Number of players : Varies per version
Running time : At least 15 minutes
Difficulty : Slightly difficult
Year of release : Not exactly known
Availability : Available everywhere and online

Beginning of the game
By this title we do not mean how the game starts, but how it all started, the Stratego. It is a game that has not been around for very long and was simply invented by the employees of Jumbo. It is also published internationally, this is done by MB, the international game publisher for these kinds of European, new games. The flag in the game is also called the banner. And it’s all about the flag, the object of the game is to get the opponent’s flag. World championships for this game have been held since 1992.

How to play Stratego
The goal of the game is therefore known, to get the flag. The game is also very popular on the computer. This is played by many young people. The board is divided into 100 fields, counted out 10 x 10. There are two lakes on the field that you cannot reach as a player, these are 4 fields, so 2 x 2 counted out. Each piece may move horizontally or vertically on the board once on the square. There is one exception to the game and that is the scout, this scout can move as far as the player wants and as far as possible. The player cannot see where the opponent’s pieces are on the field and so the pieces cannot jump over each other.

So you can capture another piece with your own piece and then you have to step on the same square with that piece. Then both pieces have to be shown and on the computer version this will of course be done automatically via the computer system. The highest piece wins and the other piece is therefore captured, however there are two exceptions. If both pieces are the same height, both pieces are captured. Back to the exceptions. The first is if the spy attacks the marshal, then the marshal is attacked. The second exception is when a bomb loss is attacked by a minor. What do you think if you have never played the game? Spy, Marshal, Minor? Those are the ranks of the two armies. So that needs some explanation.

There are six bombs per army, ringside. There is one marshal per army and also one general, one spy and one flag per army. Furthermore, there are eight scouts and two pieces that are colonel and three pieces that are major per army. The captain, lieutenant, and sergeant each have four pieces per army. So there are 40 players per army.

The bombs and the flag may not be moved. Two armies to fight against each other, get bombs and flags around the two waters of two times two squares. The flag thus loses from every piece. A new version of it has also emerged with additional expansion, different board games and variants of Jumbo and many world championships. Within decades evolved into a great, strategic, very popular game. In almost all toy stores for sale, specialty stores and online it is also for sale in internet stores.

Have fun playing the board game Stratego